King Wok Chinese Restaurant

Specialties Small: $4 Large: $5

Blueberry, Kiwi, Peace, and Strawberry


Lychee and White Peach


Green Apple, Kiwi, Peach, and Red Guava


Lychee, Mango, and Passion Fruit

Tropical Sunset

Mango, Passion Fruit, and Pineapple


Passion Fruit and Red Guava


Mango, Pomegranate, and Strawberry

Hot/Cold Drinks Small: $2.50 Large: $3.50
Black Tea Fried Rice Tea Green Tea
Jasmine Tea Oolong Tea Thai Tea
Coffee Coffee Milk Tea Ovaltine
Honey Aloe Honey Apple Honey Citron
Honey Ginger Honey Grapefruit Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon
Smoothies Small: $4.25 Large: $5.25
Avocado Mango Banana
Pineapple Blueberry Strawberry
Coconut Taro Green Tea
Thai Tea Lychee Watermelon (seasonal)
Add Boba or Jelly to Smoothies for FREE
Additional Flavor: $1
TeaSmall: $3.25 Large: $4.25
Lychee Mango Passion Fruit
Peach Pineapple Red Guava
Strawberry Which Peach
Add Boba or Jelly for 50¢ Additional Flavor: $1
Milk Tea Small: $3.25 Large: $4.25
Almond Chocolate Coconut
Green Tea Mango Strawberry
Taro Thai
Add Boba or Jelly for 50¢ Additional Flavor: $1
Ice Cream Small (2): $3.50 Large (4): $5
Chocolate Coconut Green Tea
Mango Red Bean Strawberry
* Additional Scoop $1.50
Mochi Ice Cream $2.50/each $4 for two
Chocolate Mango Matcha
Red Bean Strawberry Vanilla
Tapioca or Bursting Boba 50¢
Blueberry Kiwi
Lychee Mango
Passion Fruit Peace
Pomegranate Strawberry
Jelly 50¢
Coconut Green Apple
Lychee Mango
Mango (Star) Passion Fruit
Pineapple Strawberry
Strawberry (Heart)
Mini Mochi 50¢
Blueberry Mango
Original Strawberry